I joined for free. What should I do first?
Terms & Definitions
View step by step instructional videos on how to use the system.
Why can't I preview or download my pictures or videos from the "My Files" area?
Why aren't some of the features working on my account?
How do I add photos to my VIP contacts?
Can I import my email address book into my account?
My alerts won't re-activate after first alert has been executed.
What are Keymasters and why should I consider this option?
How do I attach files to my alerts?
Why isn't my cell phone receiving alerts?
What if someone forces me to disarm my alert against my will?
What if I forget about my alert?
What if several years from now my VIP changes their contact information without me knowing?
How do I know if my message/alert was delivered and received?
What if I want an alert delivered to someone, but the date is unknown?

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