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About uses the Savior System to provide it's members the ability to deliver time delayed messages via email, mobile phones or land line phones at any time in the future. The Savior System is owned and operated by GPIDS, LLC, which is Global Positioning and Information Delivery Systems. The interface (engine) developed and used in is the patent-pending “Savior System™.”

The Savior System concept was created by President and CEO David L. Gray Jr. in April of 2006. Together with search engine optimization and digital marketing expert, Vice President Tim Wagner and Chief Technical Officer Stuart Stevenson, the team has combined their talents and efforts to come up with an innovative platform that not only will improve the way people live by providing them peace of mind, but can even save peoples' lives in emergency or extreme situations.


Pictured right, Tim & Jen Wagner and David & Nicki Gray attend the 5th Annual Tackle Cancer Foundation Celebrity Poker Tournament.


Powered by the patent pending Plans & Payment Options | When you upgrade your account you get: *Unlimited active alerts at the same time *Text alerts & reminders to cell phones *Voice alerts to cell and land line phones *Up to 6 recipients per alert *Send email alerts with multiple attachements *Send videos, pictures, audio files and documents. Pricing is $9.95 per month, $49.95 per year or $299.95 for a membership that will never expire!